Tyler Perry's Madea Gets A Job - The Play (2012)

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Tyler Perry's new musical stage play starring the infamous Mabel Simmons or "Madea" as her fans know her. When a judge orders Madea to do 20 hours of community service at a local retirement home the residents and staff are not ready for Madea's brand of "the truth", but all is well that ends well when Madea helps the residence of Easy Rest Retirement Home realize the importance of family, love and forgiveness.

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  Tyler Perry

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Cast & Characters

Tyler Perry Madea
Patrice Lovely Hattie
Cheryl Pepsii Riley Carla
Chandra Currelley-Young Allen
Tony Grant Allen
Tamar Davis Dalia
Maurice Lauchner Carson
Alexis Jones Rebecca
Jeffery Lewis Malik
Melonie Daniels Mrs. Watson
Stephanie Ferrett Sue Ellen

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