Maiden Voyage (2004)

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A former firefighter and Special Forces officer takes on a team of murderous terrorists when the oceanliner he's working on is hijacked shortly after leaving port. Hired to evaluate security on a luxury cruise ship, blaze battler and former military man Kyle Considine (Casper Van Dien) brings his young son Zach along for a week of fun at sea. The fun stops, however, when the ship sets sail and a highly organized team of terrorists threaten the lives of everyone onboard.

GENRES:  Action • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Colin Budds
CAST:  Casper Van Dien  •  Danielle Cormack  •  Rose McIver  •  John Sumner

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Cast & Characters

Casper Van Dien Kyle Considine
Danielle Cormack Lynn Fabrizio
Rose McIver Jenny
John Sumner Captain Ed Tessler
Anton Tennet Zach
Christopher Stollery Damien Morse
Angela Marie Dotchin Renee Price
Peter Elliott Trevor Denning
Paul Gittens Curtis Price
Craig Walsh-Wrightson Aldous Means
Bruce Burfield Stebbins
Michael Hallows Hans

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