Schlock (1973)

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A quiet suburb in Southern California is terrorized by a mysterious murderous monster living in a cave. As the bodies pile up -- with incriminating banana peels always near by the crime scene -- a group of teens stumble on the guilty party: a 20-million-year-old Schlockthropus, an ape-like creature with a sense of the absurd.

GENRES:  Comedy • Horror • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  John Landis
CAST:  John Landis  •  Saul Kahan  •  Joseph Piantadosi  •  Eliza Roberts

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Cast & Characters

John Landis Schlock
Saul Kahan Detective Sgt. Wino
Joseph Piantadosi Ivan
Eliza Roberts Mindy Binerman
Tom Alvich Torn Cop
Walter Levine Police Thief
Harriet Medin Mrs. Blinerman
Eric Sinclair Joe Putzman (as Eric Allison)
Charles Villiers Cal
Ralph Baker Dying Man
John Chambers National Guard Captain
Gene Fox Billy

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