In My Father's Den (2004)

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Paul (Macfadyen), a prize-winning war journalist, returns to his remote New Zealand hometown due to the death of his father, battle-scarred and world-weary. For the discontented sixteen-year-old Celia (Barclay) he opens up a world she has only dreamed of. She actively pursues a friendship with him, fascinated by his cynicism and experience of the world beyond her small-town existence. But many, including the members of both their families (Otto, Moy), frown upon the friendship and when Celia goes missing, Paul becomes the increasingly loathed and persecuted prime suspect in her disappearance. As the violent and urgent truth gradually emerges, Paul is forced to confront the family tragedy and betrayal that he ran from as a youth, and to face the grievous consequences of silence and secrecy that has surrounded his entire adult life.

GENRES:  Drama • Mystery • Thriller
CAST:  Matthew Macfadyen  •  Emily Barclay  •  Miranda Otto  •  Colin Moy

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Cast & Characters

Matthew Macfadyen Paul Prior
Emily Barclay Celia
Miranda Otto Penny Prior
Colin Moy Andrew Prior
Jimmy Keen Jonathan
Jodie Rimmer Jackie
Vicky Haughton Miss Seagar
Toby Alexander Paul as Teenager
Nicholas Hayward Andrew as Teenager
Vanessa Riddell Iris
Liam Herbert Andrew as Child
Asher Emanuel Paul as Child

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