Three Businessmen (1998)

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An American art dealer (Miguel Sandoval), who specializes in southwestern topaz, arrives by train in Liverpool. Similarly, a very proper British art dealer (Alex Cox), who specializes in African art, arrives in the same hotel. The two meet in the hotel's abandoned restaurant and decide to set off in finding an evening meal, which becomes problematic immediately when the Brit reveals he is vegetarian. While following their pursuit of a mutually acceptable meal, the main point of the film is their discourse en route to their various attempts at an eatery.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
CAST:  Miguel Sandoval  •  Alex Cox  •  Robert Wisdom  •  Isabel Ampudia

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Cast & Characters

Miguel Sandoval Bennie
Alex Cox Frank
Robert Wisdom Leroy
Isabel Ampudia Josefina
Masatoshi Nagase Blind Man
Tomorowo Taguchi Noodle Shop Waiter
Andrew Schofield Hotel Receptionist
Ryoko Takizawa Noodle Shop Waitress
Christine Colvin Liverpool Barmaid
John McMartin Liverpool Businessman
Charlie Ryan Old Liverpudlian
Adrian Henri Poet

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