The Wages of Fear (2024)

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When an explosion at an oil well threatens hundreds of lives, a crack team is called upon to make a deadly desert crossing with nitroglycerine in tow.

GENRES:  Action • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Julien Leclercq

Cast & Characters

Franck Gastambide Fred
Alban Lenoir Alex
Ana Girardot Clara
Sofiane Zermani Gauthier
Astrid Whettnall Anne Marchand
Bakary Diombera Djibril
Alka Matewa Alka
Rabie Kati Homme d'affaires
Joseph Beddelem Pirate 1
Brice Bexter Copilote de l'hélicoptère (as Brice El Glaoui Bexter)
Birol Tarkan Yıldız
Sarah Afchain Assia

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