Soul Kitchen (2009)

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SOUL KITCHEN film centers on a likable but hopelessly disorganized restauranteur, Zinos, whose cafe is second home to a motley crew of lovable eccentrics. When his girlfriend Nadine up and moves to Shanghai, a love-sick Zinos decides to fly after her, leaving his restaurant in the hands of his unreliable ex-con brother Illias. Both decisions turn out disastrous: Illias gambles away the restaurant to a shady real estate agent, and Zinos finds Nadine with a new lover. If the brothers can stop arguing and get it together, the Soul Kitchen might still have one last chance at staying in business. The mayhem that follows is a hilariously entertaining story of self-realization, set to an irresistibly soulful soundtrack.

Rotten Tomatoes: Certified Fresh 73% / Audience 74%

Rated Unrated,  1 hr 39 mins

Comedy • Drama
Fatih Akin
Adam Bousdoukos  •  Dorka Gryllus  •  Pheline Roggan  •  Wotan Wilke Möhring

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