I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)

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Steve Russell is a small-town cop. Bored with his bland lifestyle, Russell turns to fraud as a means of shaking things up. Before long, Russell's criminal antics have landed him behind bars, where he encounters the charismatic Phillip Morris. Smitten, Russell devotes his entire life to being with Morris regardless of the consequences.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Glenn Ficarra  •  John Requa
CAST:  Ewan McGregor  •  Jim Carrey  •  Leslie Mann  •  Nicholas Alexander

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Cast & Characters

Ewan McGregor Phillip Morris
Jim Carrey Steven Russell
Leslie Mann "Carreys Frau"
Nicholas Alexander Steven's Brother
Michael Beasley Prison Gaurd
Tony Bentley Racist Client
Sean Boyd Policeman
Brennan Brown Larry Bukheim
Rodrigo Santoro Jimmy
Marcus Lyle Brown Young Doctor
Ana Villafañe Bikini Girl

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