A Warrior's Heart (2011)

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Unable to cope with his military father's sudden death in combat, quick-tempered teen, Conor, starts getting into serious trouble. During an intense lacrosse camp, his father's old friend challenges Conor to get his life on track and become a man.

GENRES:  Action • Drama • Family
DIRECTION:  Michael F. Sears
CAST:  Ashley Greene  •  Kellan Lutz  •  Gabrielle Anwar  •  Chord Overstreet

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Cast & Characters

Ashley Greene Brooklyn
Kellan Lutz Conor Sullivan
Gabrielle Anwar Claire Sullivan
Chord Overstreet Dupree
William Mapother David Milligan
Adam Beach Sgt. Major Duke Wayne
Chris Potter Seamus Sullivan
Aaron Hill Joe Bryant
Daniel Booko Powell
Alex Rose Wiesel Girls Lacrosse Player #12
Ridge Canipe Keegan Sullivan
Jay Hayden J.P. Jones

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