Grand Theft Auto (1977)

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A rich girl steals her dad's Rolls Royce and heads off to Las Vegas to get married. However, her angry parents, a jealous suitor, and a bunch of reward seekers are determined to stop her.

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  Ron Howard
CAST:  Ron Howard  •  Nancy Morgan  •  Elizabeth Rogers  •  Barry Cahill

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Cast & Characters

Ron Howard Sam Freeman
Nancy Morgan Paula Powers
Elizabeth Rogers Priscilla Powers
Barry Cahill Bigby Powers
Rance Howard Ned Slinker
Paul Linke Collins Hedgeworth
Marion Ross Vivian Hedgeworth
Don Steele Curly Q. Brown
Peter Isacksen Sparky
Clint Howard Ace
James Ritz Officer Tad
Hoke Howell Preacher

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