A town—where everyone seems to be named Johnson—stands in the way of the railroad. In order to grab their land, robber baron Hedley Lemar sends his henchmen to make life in the town unbearable. After the sheriff is killed, the town demands a new sheriff from the Governor, so Hedley convinces him to send the town the first black sheriff in the west.

GENRES:  Comedy • Western
DIRECTION:  Mel Brooks
CAST:  Cleavon Little  •  Gene Wilder  •  Mel Brooks  •  Madeline Kahn

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Cast & Characters

Cleavon Little Sheriff Bart
Gene Wilder Jim, aka "The Waco Kid"
Mel Brooks Gov. William J. Le Petomane / Indian Chief
Madeline Kahn Lili Von Shtüpp, the Teutonic Titwillow
Slim Pickens Taggart
Harvey Korman Hedley Lamarr
Burton Gilliam Lyle
Alex Karras Mongo
David Huddleston Olson Johnson
Liam Dunn Rev. Johnson
John Hillerman Howard Johnson
George Furth Van Johnson

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