Up the Sandbox (1972)

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A young wife and mother, bored with day-to-day life in New York City and neglected by her husband, slips into increasingly outrageous fantasies: her mother breaking into the apartment, an explorer's demonstration of tribal fertility music at a party causing strange transformations, and joining terrorists to plant explosives in the Statue of Liberty.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Irvin Kershner
CAST:  Barbra Streisand  •  David Selby  •  Ariane Heller  •  Jacobo Morales

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Cast & Characters

Barbra Streisand Margaret Reynolds
David Selby Paul Reynolds
Ariane Heller Elizabeth Reynolds
Jacobo Morales Fidel Castro
Paul Benedict Dr. Beineke
Carl Gottlieb Vinnie
Mary Louise Wilson Betty
Cynthia Harris Stella
Barbara Rhoades Dr. Bolden
Paul Dooley Statue of Liberty Guard
Anne Ramsey Battleaxe
Stockard Channing Judy Stanley

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