Bosomy College Girl (2020)

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Hyeon-woo loves Seo-yeon for a long time and has been confessing his feelings constantly, but Seo-yeon refuses Hyeon-woo every time. Bo-ram and Min-jae always come together and drink together whenever Hyun-woo is dumped. However, Min-jae hides his relationship with Seo-yeon to Hyeon-woo. Min-jar tells Seo-yeon to stop teasing Hyeon-woo but Seo-yeon just enjoys the situation. Bo-ram who used to like her childhood friend Hyeon-woo, holds a special class to boost his confidence. He has become depressed after being dumped by Seo-yeon. Hyeon-woo is thankful for meeting Seo-yeon because of her. Only after some time did each of them know their real feelings.

GENRES:  Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Lee Dong-Joon
CAST:  Tae Hee  •  Min Ah  •  Gil Dong  •  Chul Jin

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Tae Hee
Min Ah
Gil Dong
Chul Jin

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