Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey threw himself into the race for Minnesota governor on January 13, 2006. His "coming out" to the media as a Hecate Witch, Satanic Dark Priest and Sanguinary Vampire grabbed international attention, and his candidacy marked the beginning of the largest amount of media coverage ever given to an unknown third party candidate running for governor in American history.

GENRES:  Documentary • Drama • Horror • Mystery
DIRECTION:  W. Tray White

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Julie Sharkey Carpenter Herself
Tucker Carlson Himself
Tina Fey Herself
Brian Dickson Himself
Lourdes Flash Herself
Juliet Huddy Herself
Mike Jerrick Himself
Jonathan "The Impaler" Sharkey Himself
W. Tray White Himself
Paul Hale Himself

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