Inside Man (2006)


Bank robber Dalton Russell enters a Manhattan bank, locks the doors and takes hostages, working methodically and without haste. Detective Frazier is assigned to negotiate, but his mind is occupied with the corruption charges he is facing. With an army of police surrounding the bank, the thief, the cop and a high-profile 'fixer' enter high-stakes negotiations.

Rotten Tomatoes: Certified Fresh 87% / Audience 85%

Rated R,  2 hr 9 mins

Crime • Drama • Thriller
Spike Lee
Denzel Washington  •  Jodie Foster  •  Clive Owen  •  Christopher Plummer

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Denzel Washington Detective Keith Frazier
Jodie Foster Madeline White
Clive Owen Dalton Russell
Christopher Plummer Arthur Case
Chiwetel Ejiofor Detective Bill Mitchell
Carlos Andrés Gómez Steve
Kim Director Stevie
James Ransone Steve-O
Bernie Rachelle Chaim
Peter Gerety Captain Coughlin
Victor Colicchio Sergeant Collins
Cassandra Freeman Sylvia