Your Love Song (2020)

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Set in 2007, the movie tells of a complicated three-way relationship between a young singer and two people who believe in him.

GENRES:  Romance
DIRECTION:  Andrew Chien
CAST:  Ko Chia-yen  •  Fu Mengbo  •  Eason Hsieh  •  Andy Chou

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Cast & Characters

Ko Chia-yen 余靜
Fu Mengbo 邢致遠
Eason Hsieh Li Dong Shuo
Andy Chou
Lee-Fong Huang
Bor Jeng Chen
Chris Yu Chuang Shuhao (Shu Dai)
Phoebe Huang
Eagle Chiu Liu Jinfu (A Fu)
Chang Chien
Hans Chung

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